Meridian Director USB DAC

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Director, also known as Direct DAC, is a simple way to enjoy Meridian and make all your digital music sound its best. Director is a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio quality from any digital source.


Built in Britain to the same standards as any Meridian product, Director breathes new life into digital sources when listened to on analogue hi-fi systems.

Director forms the ideal add-on for network players and music servers with digital outputs, bringing Meridian performance and ultimate sound quality to an entirely new class of audio products and systems. These sound enhancing technologies are derived from the award-winning line of Reference 800 Series components, and significantly out-perform the DACs found in computers and most network players.

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Featuring an all-metal elliptical case, Director echoes design elements immediately identifying it as a Meridian product. Each side has molded end caps that provide connections as well as source choice and resolution.

Director is designed to connect to any analogue hi-fi or audio system with its own volume control, and is particularly appropriate for installation environments. It is bit-precise for the ultimate in sound quality and delivers the lowest possible distortion and modulation noise, with predictable quality. Director is handmade in the UK with the same precision and craftsmanship as every Meridian product.

Simply connect your PC or digital component and upgrade to Meridian sound

Power over USB connection, either from PC or from supplied power supply

Push button source selection for simple operation

High quality RCA analogue connectors for secure connection to system

LEDs indicate source sample rate


1 x USB2 B socket for computer playback (24-bit, ≤192kHz) 1 x 3.5mm socket offering S/PDIF coax (3.5mm mono connector, (24-bit, ≤192kHz) or S/PDIF Optical (3.5mm Mini-TOSLINK, 24-bit ≤96kHz)


1 x analogue stereo pair (gold- plated phono), 2v RMS fixed


Extruded Aluminium shell with moulded plastic endcaps and rubber foot.


5v <500mA DC via USB interface


3 x Sample rate LEDs: 44.1/48, 88.2/96, 176.4/192 kHz sampling 2 x Input selection LEDs. Input selected with input pushbutton: S/PDIF, USB. Optical/coax digital selected automatically.


USB audio class compliant 2.0 HS 480Mb/s bandwidth. Asynchronous: device is the clock source for high quality.Firmware upgrade via USB.Windows drivers provided, no drivers required for Macintosh OS X or Linux.


Macintosh OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard) or later, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8


80mm (3.15in) x 139mm (5.47in) x 34mm (1.34in) (WDH)


0.25kg (9oz)

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