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The radically different sound, A&futura SE100

A&futura is a premium line of players with advanced features that bring the original performance to life. 
The SE100, the first model of A&futura, is designed for you to feel the quality of premium Hi-Fi from the moment you hold it.

Radically different sound by ES9038 Pro 8-channel DAC
Next Level performance with Octa-core CPU
5-inch display with HD screen resolution and improved user interface
Similar audio block design of SP1000 for premium Hi-Fi audio performance

A&futura SE100 is the first step in your premium audio journey.

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Premium value that you can feel in your hands

A&futura SE100 shows our dedication to provide both premium quality and value to our listeners including an eye-catching design. It features a 5-inch touchscreen, Octa-core CPU, and the best audio performance in its league.

Astell&Kern is committed to delivering the original performance as the artist intended you to hear and the SE100 is a symbolic example of this vision and effort. 
A&futura SE100 introduces an 8-channel DAC chip. 8-channel DACs have previously only been available for premium home audio systems, pro-audio workstations, and recording studio equipment. It is making a debut for the first time in an Astell&Kern portable system. 
Your favorite tunes will now sound fundamentality different with even greater dynamic range and refined sound. 
There are many audio companies that talk about 'technologies', yet Astell&Kern is the only brand that talks about 'progress' in the audio experience.

- The ESS SABRE PRO series of Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) is targeted at premium audiophile and recording studio equipment. The SABRE PRO series sets a new benchmark in high-end audio by offering the industry's highest dynamic range (DNR) with impressively low levels of total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) in a 32-bit, 8-channel DAC. All PRO SABRE DACs feature ESS's patented 32-bit HyperStream DAC technology which delivers outstanding sound quality and industry leading performance.

Maximum Output

It is common knowledge in the audio industry that 
the amplifier plays a critical role in Hi-Fi audio systems. 
The latest know-how and amplifier design technologies developed 
by Astell&Kern have brought 4.1Vrms of balanced output power 
with minimal noise. As the output power increases, the noise 
fluctuates louder as well. However, A&futura SE100 shows 123dB 
of SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) at 4.1Vrms of audio output. 
At the same time, the noise level on single-ended is even smaller, 
it produces 122dB of SNR. Pure sound is the result in our technical 
achievement allowing for powerful, yet clean sound to be delivered 
gracefully by the SE100.

SE100 vs. AK380

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